Music Links

Title Description Content
Zillo Homepage Zillo-Magazin a-z, marvelous indi-zine
Yahoo Entertainment:Music: a-z, categories, archives, searchengine
Ultimate Band List Archive of links a-z, searchengine
Strangeways A Guide To UK Indie web pages Good list of several bands, labels, buying records
m u s i c b a s e Archive of links searchengine
Dark-Web The dark side of the net, Dark Wave, Gothic a-z, good list of several bands
Web.De Kultur.Musik.Independent a-z, searchengine
Kontrol Faktory Link List Industrialists a-z
the harmony list General Radio Stations list
the harmony list Solo Independent Artists a-z
the harmony list Independent Bands a-z
WWW Virtual Library Music: make a list with categories searchengine
galaxy The professional's guide to a world of information: Music usefull categories, articles, collections, lots of links
Industrial Gateway The industrial techno playground a-z, magazines, mailinglists, newsgroups, labels
Tobis CD-Reviews by artist many unknown bands, short text
Metal Band Pages a-z
Matt's Music Page
Jason Gabler Jason Gabler's Celtic Knot Graphics - ???
Library of Musical Links
Music Database
The Darkening Of The Light
Musikpage Nils von
Musik von Künstlern im Internet von