Archiv 1998

Playlist vom 10.12.1998
1. Stunde
The Fullbliss Henry Lee
The Fullbliss Boy
Addict - Special mit Interview
Addict Dust
Addict Caned
Bush A tendency to start fires
Addict Red bird
Addict Black hole
Addict Abused (fade out)
2. Stunde
Addict Monsterside
Addict Heavy
Addict Stones
Miles Pretty day
Miles Film music
Miles Girl from Pasadena
Liquido Narcotic
Liquido Amie
Pyogenesis Would you take
Boomer Living large
Corvus Corax ???

Playlist vom 26.11.1998
1. Stunde
Sand Rubies Turn off your stereo
Sand Rubies Primevil love
Jud - Special mit Interview
Jud Buffalo
Jud In tune
Jud Deadosphere
Jud Something better
Jud The hand
Jud Sucking the life out of me
Jud Spam
Jud Friends
2. Stunde
Jud Send his love to me
Jud Thing
Jud Act 7
Jud Shot in the park
Jud Chasing California
The Fullbliss Tonight
In The Nursery Asphalt
In The Nursery Precious
In The Nursery Crime passionell

Playlist vom 12.11.1998
1. Stunde
Musikalische Begegnungen - Das Filmfest Special
Barry Adamson 007, a fantasy Bond Theme
Ash Jesus says
The Wedding Present Where everybody knows your name
The Wedding Present Red shoes by the drugstore
These Immortal Souls You can't unring
The Cure A night like this (Live)
The Cure The snake pit (Live)
Tom Waits 16 shells from a thirty-ought-six (Live)
Tom Waits Temptation
John Lurie Promenade du Maquereau
Tom Waits Cold cold ground (Live)
2. Stunde
The Rolling Stones Street fighting man (Live)
The Rolling Stones Midnight rambler
The Rolling Stones Not fade away (Live)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Tupelo (Live)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds From her to eternity
Nick Cave Introduction - A prison in the desert
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Weeping song (Live)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds St. Ruck (Live)
In The Nursery Precious

Playlist vom 29.10.1998
1. Stunde
Ash Kung Fu
Ska - Special
The Beat Mirror in the bathroom (Live)
Madness Night boat to Cairo (Live)
Madness One step beyond (Live)
Arthur Kay's Originators Watching the rich kids
Laurel Aitken Blue rhythm
Rude Boys Ska is the limit
No Sports Stranger to London
No Sports Israelites
The Specials Gangsters
The Specials A message to Rudy
Bad Manners Inner London violence
Bad Manners Feel like jumpin'
Skaos There she goes
The Specials Too much too young (ausgeblendet)
2. Stunde
The Selecter Too much pressure (Live)
The Skalatones Start skanking
Rantanplan im Interview
Rantanplan Kopfschütteln - Abwinken - Ruhe bitte
Rantanplan Ich erinner' mich an alles
Rantanplan Höroin
Rantanplan Unbekanntes Pferd
Rantanplan Der Panther
Rantanplan Feuer
Liberator Kick the bucket
Famous In 9 Years Look!
Daddy Long Legs Girl on the water

Playlist vom 15.10.1998
1. Stunde
Monoland Fu Klassik
Whale Hobo humpin' slobo babe
Whale Crying at airports
Whale Losing CTRL
Ash - Special mit Interview
Ash Goldfinger
Ash A life less ordinary
Ash Fortune teller
Ash Jesus says (long version)
Ash Angel interceptor
Ash Burn out
2. Stunde
Ash Girl from Mars
Ash Numbskull
Ash Oh Yeah
Ash Halloween
Ash Taken out
Ash Lost in you
Ash Projects
Ash Innocent smile
Sans Secours e111
Sans Secours Jackson

Playlist vom 1.10.1998
1. Stunde
Monoland Blow
Monoland Osc_
Sans Secours Regatta de blanc
Sans Secours Meet the morning
Dionysos Fais pas si
Dionysos Plastic Jean
Dionysos Arthur
Dionysos Feel can Dali
In Extremo Maria Virgin
Gudrun Gut - Special mit Interview
Einstürzende Neubauten Ich bin's
Einstürzende Neubauten Rohrbombe
Einstürzende Neubauten Spionagedub
Einstürzende Neubauten Zebulon
Myra Davies + Gudrun Gut Rite of spring
2. Stunde
Liaisons Dangereures Los ninos del parque
Malaria! Your turn to run
Malaria! Cheerio
Gudrun Gut The Ocean Club
Gudrun Gut & The Ocean Club feat. Anita Lane Yadiyadi
Myra Davies + Gudrun Gut Princess
Myra Davies + Gudrun Gut Beef
Myra Davies + Gudrun Gut Fingers
Myra Davies + Gudrun Gut Castle
Quarks Wiederkomm Reh-Mix


Playlist vom 17.9.1998
1. Stunde
Fink Meine Ecke
A Subtle Plague - Special mit Interview
A Subtle Plague Declassified
A Subtle Plague Might as well get juiced
A Subtle Plague I seperate
A Subtle Plague My horizon
A Subtle Plague Tied to the ground
A Subtle Plague Burn and tremble
A Subtle Plague It's the government!
100 Watt Smile If you won't too
2. Stunde
A Subtle Plague Head in a garbage-can
A Subtle Plague Hey cop
A Subtle Plague Help me
The Inchtabokatables Kiss your ear
Buck Jones Wasted
Buck Jones The boy with the mechanical heart
Buck Jones Nameless
Buck Jones Underground crown
Automatic Noir Stein
HIM Wicked game

Playlist vom 4.9.1998
1. Stunde
PopKomm '98 - Special mit Interview von Fink, Steven von MTV-News, Rantanplan und Gudrun Gut
C4Space Machine dreams
Perfect Blue Buildings One of these days
Buck Jones Beautiful free
Fink Loch in der Welt
Fink Als einer einmal nicht kam
Fink Herz aus Holz
Fink Sie wollen uns erzählen
Die Haut At first ... but then
Zeit-reiser mit Ton Steine Scherben Ardistan
Hausmarke feat. Max Turntablerocker
2. Stunde
Jazzkantine Respekt
Die Sterne Bis 9 bist Du OK
Bata Express Verschwommen
IFA Wartburg Der alte böse Kapitalismus
The Skalatones Start skanking
Rantanplan Unbekanntes Pferd
Funny Van Dannen Sextricks
Essighaus Verlaß
Myra Davies + Gudrun Gut Mary Lamb
Quarks Kikyo
Quarks Schiefgeraten

Playlist vom 20.8.1998
1. Stunde
Apocalyptica Enter Sandman
In Extremo Rotes Haar
Korn All in the family
In The Nursery - Special mit Interview
In The Nursery Compulsion
In The Nursery Mute harmony
In The Nursery Shonen no hi
In The Nursery Poema
In The Nursery To the faithful
In The Nursery Blue religion
2. Stunde
In The Nursery Salient
In The Nursery Remain
Joy Division Decades (Live)
In The Nursery Profundus
In The Nursery Across the ruins
Bottom 12 Black forest lamb
Elektrosushi Heavenly
Elektrosushi Son

Playlist vom 6.8.1998
1. Stunde
Garbage Medication
Garbage Sleep together
Goodbye Mr. McKanzie Face to face
Ash A life less ordinary
Ash Jesus says
Elektrosushi Zipper
Theatre Of Tragedy - Special mit Interview
Theatre Of Tragedy As the shadow dance
Atrocity Send me an angel
Theatre Of Tragedy Lorelei
Theatre Of Tragedy Cassandra
2. Stunde
Theatre Of Tragedy Angelique
Theatre Of Tragedy Poppæa
Orchestral Manœuvres In The Dark Jean of Arc
Theatre Of Tragedy Bacchante
Theatre Of Tragedy Decades
Siouxie An The Banshees Christine
Peter Murphy Marlene Dietrich's favourite poem
Bauhaus Silent hedges

Playlist vom 23.7.1998
1. Stunde
Six By Seven Candle light
Gry Luftantenner
Stabbing Westward Everything I touch
The Inchtabokatables - Special mit Interview
The Inchtabokatables Wer?
The Inchtabokatables In die Raghandi
The Inchtabokatables Red skies
The Inchtabokatables Hoywoi
The Inchtabokatables Selling our souls
The Inchtabokatables Destination
The Inchtabokatables Destination (Reprise)
2. Stunde
The Inchtabokatables You chained me up
The Inchtabokatables Sleep well
In Extremo Vor vollen Schüsseln
The Inchtabokatables Chachoo choocha
The Inchtabokatables Mountain man
The Merlons Hass
Theatre Of Tragedy Poppæa
Core Not your size
His Name Is Alive Wishing ring (Wish I had one)
His Name Is Alive Ain't no lie

Playlist vom 9.7.1998
1. Stunde
Das Ich - Special mit Interview
Das Ich Kindgott
Das Ich Unschuld Erde
Das Ich Blutquell
Das Ich Krieger
Rammstein Spiel mit mir
Atrocity Being boiled
Fahrenheit 451 The tempest romanesque
Das Ich Jericho
Deine Lakaien Down down down (acc.) (ausgeblendet)
2. Stunde
Deine Lakaien Fighting the green (Das-Ich-Mix)
Das Ich Destillat (Club version)
Das Ich Gottes Tod (live)
Dead Can Dance Saltarello
Das Ich Schwanenschrei
Anger 77 Vielleicht
Anger 77 Sonntag früh um acht
Continental Drifters Don't do what I did
Continental Drifters Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway
Continental Drifters Who we are, where we live (ausgeblendet)

Playlist vom 25.6.98
1. Stunde
The Inchtabokatables You chained me up
Das Ich He Mensch
Apocalyptica - Special mit Interview
Apocalyptica Enter Sandman
Apocalyptica Nothing else matters
Apocalyptica Harmageddon
Apocalyptica Harvester of sorrow
Metallica The memory remains
Metallica Fixxxer (ausgeblendet)
2. Stunde
Apocalyptica Domination
Apocalyptica Master of puppets
Apocalyptica From out of nowhere
Apocalyptica Refuse/Resist
The Balanescu Quartett Model
The Balanescu Quartett Autobahn
New Model Army Vagabonds (live)
Ed Alleyne-Johnson Oxford suite (1st movement)
Sex Gang Children Boss and beauty
Sex Gang Children Shattered room (ausgeblendet)

Playlist vom 11.6.98
1. Stunde
100 Watt Smile - Special mit Interview
100 Watt Smile Number 7
A Subtle Plague Tied to the ground
100 Watt Smile New Jersey
Penelope Houston Sweetheart
Granfaloon Bus The burning sun within me
Liz Phair Jealousy
The Breeders Canonball
The Breeders Safari
The Amps I am decided
The Amps Tipp city
The Amps Dedicated (ausgeblendet)
2. Stunde
100 Watt Smile Birthmark
100 Watt Smile Aorra
100 Watt Smile Flagrante Delicto
Nirvana Jesus wants me for a sunbeam (unplugged)
100 Watt Smile Face on your head
The Breeders Hellbound
The Pixies Trompe le monde
The Pixies Velouria
Belly Slow dog
Throwing Muses Fever flew
Massive Attack Risingson
Massive Attack Disolved girl
Apocalyptica Toreador (ausgeblendet)

Playlist vom 28.5.98
1. Stunde
New Model Army - Special mit Interview
New Model Army Wonderful way to go
New Model Army Brave new world
New Model Army Poison street
New Model Army Over the wire
New Model Army 125 mph
New Model Army Modern times
New Model Army No pain
New Model Army Queen of my heart
New Model Army Believe it
2. Stunde
New Model Army Whirlwind (live)
New Model Army Family
New Model Army Green and grey
New Model Army Gigabyte wars
New Model Army Vagabonds
New Model Army 11 years
New Model Army 51st state
New Model Army Ballad of Bodmin Pill
Massive Attack Teardrop
Mark Hollis The gift

Playlist vom 14.5.98
1. Stunde
100 Watt Smile Birthmark
And Also The Trees - Special mit Interview
And Also The Trees Nailed
And Also The Trees A room lives in Lucy
And Also The Trees Prince Rupert
And Also The Trees Johnny Lexington
And Also The Trees Slow pulse boy
The Cure Pictures of you
And Also The Trees Red Valentino
And Also The Trees 6th floor elevator blues
2. Stunde
And Also The Trees Rose-Marie's leaving
And Also The Trees Brother fear
And Also The Trees Maps in her wrists and arms
And Also The Trees Get critical
And Also The Trees Missing
And Also The Trees The obvious
And Also The Trees Jewel park
And Also The Trees Shantell
Mark Hollis The gift
New Model Army Long goodbye

Playlist vom 30.4.98
1. Stunde
Sans Secours My sin
Marilyn Monroe Happy birthday
Altered Images Happy birthday
Lombego Surfers Road side
Lombego Surfers Baby I don't care
Radial Spangle Birthday
Concrete Blonde Happy birthday
Pizzicato Five Happy birthday
The Prodigy Breathe
The Bates It's my party
Sugarcubes Birthday
Headless Chickens Expecting toffy (birthday)
Hart & Smart (Live beim Hoffest)
2. Stunde
Ja König Ja Das Fest
Swoons Swoon-Party
Daddy Long Legs (Live beim Hoffest)
Daddy Long Legs (Live beim Hoffest)
Birthday Party Wild world
Birthday Party Happy birthday
Crime & The City Solution The dolphins and the sharks
Birthday Party King Ink
Daddy Long Legs (Live beim Hoffest)
Daddy Long Legs (Live beim Hoffest)
King Candy Party
Chris Reed Birthday skin
Daddy Long Legs (Live beim Hoffest)

Playlist vom 16.4.98
1. Stunde
Desmond Q. Hirnch Rescue glove
Mano Negra Mano Negra (2)
Mano Negra Rock Island Line
Mano Negra King Kong Five
Ninos Con Bombas - Special mit Interview
Ninos Con Bombas Ballenas
La Flori Pondio ...
La Flori Pondio Bongo
La Flori Pondio Los bilo
Ninos Con Bombas Let's conquer the moon
Ninos Con Bombas Anestesia
Ninos Con Bombas 73
2. Stunde
Sans Secours Mesa Boggie
Ninos Con Bombas Equacion
Ninos Con Bombas Canale Grande
Einstürzende Neubauten Was ist ist
Ninos Con Bombas Cocomoon
Teenage Fanclub Star sign
Teenage Fanclub He 'd be a diamond
Wanda Chrome & Leather Pharaohs Johnny's got a gun
Lombego Surfers Hang around
Lombego Surfers Whiplash
And Also The Trees Missing
Sonic Youth Washing machine

Playlist vom 2.4.98
1. Stunde
Desmond Q. Hirnch From the north
Desmond Q. Hirnch Goal!
Desmond Q. Hirnch Wax
Ancer Genie
Lush Nothing natural
Brüllen - Special mit Interview
Brüllen Boy with Schatzitude
Kolossale Jugend Alle Feind
Kolossale Jugend Bessere Zeiten
Brüllen Smoke
2. Stunde
The Ancient Gallery Ich leer
Brüllen When I'm weak
Brüllen Laufe Blau
Brüllen Bass für Flughäfen
Brüllen Chonosen ohne Boss
Tocotronic Sie wollen uns erzählen
Abwärts Beim ersten Mal tut's immer weh
Lombego SurfersShort changed
Ninos Con Bombas Let's conquer the moon

Playlist vom 19.3.98
1. Stunde
Legendary Pink Dots - Special, im Interview: Edward Ka-Spel
Legendary Pink Dots The grain kings
Legendary Pink Dots Lucifer landed
Legendary Pink Dots Green gang
Legendary Pink Dots Curious guy
Radiohead Paranoid android
Spiritualized Electricity
Legendary Pink Dots I love you in your tragic beauty
Legendary Pink Dots Princes coldheart (ausgeblendet)
2. Stunde
Teargarden Teargarden
Teargarden Psycho 9
Legendary Pink Dots Premonition 19
Legendary Pink Dots Siren
Edward Ka-Spel Lisa's funeral
Legendary Pink Dots Tour one
Legendary Pink Dots Harvest babies

Playlist vom 5.3.98
1. Stunde
Scumbucket Drag
Peter Sempel - im Interview
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Do you love me
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds The mercy seat (live)
Nina Hagen African Reggae
Einstürzende Neubauten 12305te Nacht
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Wanted man
Einstürzende Neubauten Wüste
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Cabin fever
2. Stunde
Blixa Bargeld - im Interview
Einstürzende Neubauten Der Tod ist ein Dandy
Einstürzende Neubauten Halber Mensch
Einstürzende Neubauten Feurio!
Einstürzende Neubauten Haus der Lüge (Live)
Gudrun Gut & The Ocean Club feat. Blixa Bargeld Die Sonne
Avo Pärt Cantus in memoriam Benjamin Britten
Einstürzende Neubauten The garden
Legendary Pink Dots Lucifers landed

Playlist vom 19.2.98
1. Stunde
Garbage Supervixen
Bardo Pond Green man
Granfaloon Bus - Special mit Interview
Granfaloon Bus The witch doctor's are sulking
Granfaloon Bus Widow's weeds
Granfaloon Bus The mission song
Granfaloon Bus Alexandra
Fink Der richtige Ort
Sonderfeld No time to tell you
Granfaloon Bus Free gold halo
A Subtle Pleague Hey cop
2. Stunde
Granfaloon Bus Waldo
Granfaloon Bus Miss Essmaker
Granfaloon Bus Say cheese
Violent Femmes American music
Granfaloon Bus Candy's carousel
Barbara Manning Sympathy wreath
Swell Dan, a son of god
Timco Franny
Bedlam Rovers Difference
Smashing Pumpkins Bullet with butterfly wings

Playlist vom 5.2.98
1. Stunde
Les Tambours Du Bronx Arbeit immer Arbeit
Les Tambours Du Bronx & Grandmix (L'Orchestre Philharmonique des Pays de Loire) Melo-Trireme
Mustapha Tetty Addy Bambalumba
Kodo Drummers One world, one voice (Reinblenden)
Kodo Drummers Kokyo
The Waterboys Don't bang the drum
Kaltmiete Der Fette MC hat mein Leben zerstört
China Drum Wipeout
China Drum Somewhere else
808 State Colony
2. Stunde
Moonspell Mute
Einstürzende Neubauten Rivieradub
Einstürzende Neubauten Z.N.S.
In The Nursery - Special
In The Nursery Compulsion
In The Nursery Temporis
In The Nursery Patter
In The Nursery Sense
In The Nursery Stone souls
In The Nursery Blade
Ten Years After Hobbit

Playlist vom 22.1.98
1. Stunde
Granfaloon Bus Say cheese
Clawfinger - Special mit Interview
Clawfinger Chances
Clawfinger Nigger
Clawfinger The biggest and the best (Godhead Remix)
Clawfinger The truth
Clawfinger Nobody knows
Clawfinger Two sides
Alice In Chains Dirt
Surrender Dorothy Myself (ausgeblendet)
2. Stunde
Surrender Dorothy How I got there
Surrender Dorothy Prison
Deftones My own summer
Deftones Mascara
Seigmen P. Machinery
Rage Against The Machine Killing in the name of
Rage Against The Machine Bulls on parade
Dildo Warheads Soon I'll be waiting (jem mix)
LL Cool J I'm bad
Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood Sugar Sex Magic
Max Goldt Gefährdet
Legendary Pink Dots Princess Coldheart

Playlist vom 8.1.98
1. Stunde
Jahresrüchblick 1997 - Im Interview:
Steve Wynn, The Inchtabokatables, M. Walking On The Water, Artwork, Type O'Negative, Bottom 12, Stewed, Caspar Brötzmann, Tocotronic, Yo La Tengo
The Inchtabokatables Die Taube
The Inchtabokatables Mountain Man
M. Walking On The Water Party in the cemetry
Artwork Ergo vivamus (Intro)
Artwork Nightdance
Type O'Negative Christian woman
Bottom 12 You
Stewed The Limbo Rhumba
Caspar Brötzmann Hynme
2. Stunde
Tocotronic Du bist immer für mich da ...
Tocotronic Ich bin neu in der Hamburger Schule
Tocotronic Es ist egal, aber ...
Tocotronic Jungs hier kommt der Masterplan
Yo La Tengo Sugarcube
Yo La Tengo Autumn sweater
Clawfinger Two sides